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One of the most popular questions we are asked every year by our new players and families, is what equipment should our player have?

At the youngest levels, players should have cleats or sneakers (that will get dirty), and a glove.  The glove size should be the largest glove your player can close with comfort.  As their hands grow, obviously larger gloves are easier to manage.  It's all about comfort.

In addition to footwear and gloves, many players have their own helmets.  It's not mandatory because each team has 4 helmets to share in their bag, however, many choose to bring their own.  The key ot purchasing a softball helmet is that there must be a metal mask/cage on the helmet as well.  Dick's Sporting Goods usually has a decent selection.

Finally, bats.  Each team has team bats to share, but often, players like to pick their own bats out for themselves.  Again, this is not mandatory but it is common practice.

In summary:

  • Cleats or Sneakers
  • a Glove
  • Helmet (optional)
  • Bat (optional)
  • Batting gloves (optional)