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2020 Fall Instructional/Intermediate (Grades K-2) Registration

Fall 2020 K-2 Instructional/Intermediate League Softball

Instructional/Intermediate League Softball, Grades K-2, focuses on having fun and the early development of softball skills.  This includes hitting, throwing, fielding, and catching.  The fall is structured as partial practice utilizing station style drills in small groups, and then modifed games are played where each player on both teams hits each inning. 

The fall schedule is a 7 week season beginning September 13th and running until October 25th, only on Sunday mornings.  Each week is 90 minutes, exact time to be determined.

Base Cost: $80.00

Opened: 09/01/2020

In Grades: K to 2 for 2020-21 School year

2020 Fall Junior B (Grades 3-4) Registration

Fall 2020 Grades 3-4 Junior B League Softball

Junior B is an important transition league level and an introduction to the complete game with modified ASA/USA rules.  Players pitch (coaches pitch after 4 balls), 5 inning games (time permitting), introduction to limited stealing, no bunting, outs count, 4 run limit per inning.  Pitchers pitch from 35 feet, bases are 55 feet apart at 1st and 3rd and 72.4 feet at 2nd (from home plate).  The game becomes slightly more competitive with score keeping and umpires, however the focus remains on having fun and continuing to build skills.

The fall season will begin on Sunday, September 13 and run through Sunday, October 25.  There will be two games per week, Tuesdays and Sunday mornings typically.

Base Cost: $150.00

Opened: 09/01/2020

In Grades: 3 to 4 for 2020-21 School year

2020 Fall Junior A (Grades 5-6) Registration

Fall 2020 Grades 5-6 Junior A League softball

Junior A is the next step in ASA/USA player development.  Pitchers move back to 40 feet, bases move back to 60 feet at 1st and 3rd and 84’10 ¼” at 2nd (from home plate).  Players pitch exclusively, walks are instituted, stealing and bunting are allowed. There is a 4 run limit per inning and each game lasts 6 innings, time permitting. 

No Dropped 3rd strike rule in effect, no infield fly rule in effect, and umpires at every game.  This fall will feature 2 games per week, Wednesday and Sunday, and the season will last approximately 7 weeks from September 13 - October 25.


Base Cost: $150.00

Opened: 09/01/2020

In Grades: 5 to 6 for 2020-21 School year

Fall 2020 Seniors (Grades 7-9) Registration

2020 Fall Grades 7-9 Senior League Softball

Seniors are our oldest level of play in Framingham Softball.  The ASA/USA rules of play guide this league, including unlimited runs, stealing, bunting, dropped third strike, and the infield fly rule is in play.  

As we have the past few years, and particularly this year where we missed the spring season, we extend the league to include 9th graders.

The fall season will feature 2 games per week, either Thursday/Saturday or Monday/Thursday.  Details still TBD.  We will run from Sunday, September 13 - Sunday, October 25.

Base Cost: $150.00

Opened: 09/01/2020

In Grades: 7 to 9 for 2020-21 School year